Welcome to The Union Hill Church Preschool

Our school is a special place where children are nurtured and supported both emotionally and academically in a caring environment.
 UHCP is a place where children can learn, develop lifelong friendships and enjoy their most impressionable years.

  (8:45-2:45 FOR 3, 4 AND 5 YEAR OLDS)

Dates to Remember:
Enroll now for summer camp!

Dates for each class will be sent home and posted.
Pre-K Day(magic show, games and ice cream),Class Picnics, Tye Dye Day,Kindergarten Readiness Art Shows and Graduation Ceremonies

A special thanks to Senora Johnson for making
Spanish classes so much fun and to Miss Paula, the worlds best music teacher!




The mission of the Union Hill Church Preschool is to provide the community with an affordable high quality early childhood preschool program; one that will support and nurture the young child. We seek to develop the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive abilities of each individual child.
Union Hill Church Preschool is a not for profit organization sponsored by The Union Hill
Presbyterian Church. The Union Hill Church Preschool does not discriminate on the basis
of race,color,creed, nation or ethnic origin.