Welcome to The Union Hill Church Preschool

Our school is a special place where children are nurtured and supported both emotionally and academically in a caring environment.
 UHCP is a place where children can learn, develop lifelong friendships and enjoy their most impressionable years.

Enrolling now for summer camp and fall classes!

 Rolling admissions based on availability.

NEW PROGRAM OPTIONS FOR FOUR AND FIVE YEAR OLDS!! EXTENDED DAY FOR ALL CHILDREN ENROLLED IN THE  KINDERGARTEN READINESS. THIS IS FOR THE FOUR AND FIVE YEAR OLD CLASSES ONLY. Class times are 8:45-12:45 or 11:00-3:00. Clubs begin at 12:45 for those choosing to stay for cooking, science, music, book club or any other extended day activities.

We want to wish our graduating children all the best in Kindergarten! You will all be missed. The following are quotes from some of our graduates.

The question is "What was your favorite thing about UHCP?"

Elias - Circle time          Dylan- The Art Show
Samantha- Circle Time     Kyle- My teachers
William- The teachers      Erin- The Pumpkin patch
Ryan- Family Fun Day      Aarika- My number book
Max- The Art Center and science club and music
Derek- Being the special helper and my friends
Ava- Learning weather words and my friends
Arianna- Lots of art, lots of new books and projects
Liam- playing with all my best friends and my teachers
Lia- making a spider web, the slideshow, music and the art show
Ally- The magic show and senior day
Maria- painting, art, singing, having fun
Michael- playing with blocks and making snakes out of clay
Dyan- My friends, the magician and senior day
Lucas- cars, slime and blocks
Danielle- the playground, snack, magnets and coloring
Jenna- Cooking Club
Neel- Playing with my friends and making a flag
Kyle- Doing projects, playing with trains, the sandbox, my teachers,and playing outside while my mommy talks with the other mommies
Vincent- I love school




The mission of the Union Hill Church Preschool is to provide the community with a high quality early childhood preschool program; one that will support and nurture the young child. We seek to develop the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive abilities of each individual child.
Union Hill Church Preschool is a not for profit organization sponsored by The Union Hill
Presbyterian Church. The Union Hill Church Preschool does not discriminate on the basis
of race,color,creed, nation or ethnic origin.